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As an attorney who provides dedicated representation of employees’ rights, I work diligently to confront discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.

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You Work Hard For A Living; I Work Hard For You

There is integrity in working hard for an employer that treats you fairly. If your workplace is unsafe because of harassment, discrimination or retaliation, now is the time to reclaim your rights under the law.

You Are Entitled To Equal Treatment

Equality should be an essential part of workplace policy. I know that working in a situation compromised by discrimination or harassment can negatively affect your physical and mental health, as well as limit work performance. I offer skilled and compassionate legal representation that makes a positive difference in my clients’ lives.

Experienced Attorney Recognized For Excellence

Practicing law since 1987, I also teach criminal justice at the University of Hartford. My legal service has won the Hartford County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Award.

Wrongful Termination, Employment Discrimination & Employee Rights

I am a Connecticut employment lawyer who has years of experience successfully representing people who have been, discriminated against in the workplace, harassed in the workplace, retaliated against by their employers or wrongfully terminated by their employers.

Experienced Connecticut Trial Lawyer

My practice centers on representing employees who have been harassed in the workplace, discriminated against in the workplace, retaliated against by their employers or wrongfully terminated by their employers. While no law firm can guarantee results, I guarantee that I will be fully prepared, up to date and knowledgeable on the law. Whether I am investigating your case, conducting discovery, or speaking before the jury or court I will zealously advocate for your rights.

$3 Million Verdict

$3 Million Verdict

I obtained a $3 million jury verdict in the United States District Court for a police officer and union president that was retaliated against and falsely arrested by his department. After a two week trial the jury determined that the defendants maliciously violated my client’s constitutional rights and awarded punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. 


$500,000 Settlement

$500,000 Settlement

I obtained a $500,000 settlement in a First Amendment retaliation case in the United States District Court. The client was a police officer that was retaliated against by his department for opposing corrupt and discriminatory police practices in his department. After extensive discovery and just prior to trial and jury selection the defendants agreed to settle the case.